Kerry Goodwin

My  law firm is dedicated to helping clients  make better  decisions regarding the acquisition, development and management of their  intellectual property assets.  In particular, I am focused on helping  businesses derive greater value from their investments made in patents.  

Added Value

I  believe a critical element to finding value in patents is ensuring your  patent assets are aligned with your company’s overall business  strategy, and in particular, your company’s marketing strategy.  Patents  which have been filed and prosecuted in a manner which is not carefully  aligned with a company’s overall business strategy can prove to be of  little value to the company.  While this may seem axiomatic, in practice  such alignment can be quite difficult to achieve.

Such alignment  is only made more difficult if your company is not able to very clearly  articulate to external counsel what the business objectives associated  with a given intellectual property issue are.  Understanding what those  objectives are is often a non-trivial task – but it is a task I can  assist with.

Differentiated Services

I  believe my services are distinguished in two important respects.   First, as further described on the Professional Background page, I have  over a decade of experience as in-house patent counsel with two global  companies.  I bring a focused, business-oriented perspective to my  client's intellectual property issues.  In particular, I can help  provide insights into the entire patent process, from invention  disclosure preparation and assessment to enforcement and licensing, not  just isolated elements of the process.  Second, I encourage face-to-face  meetings with multiple employees of a client’s organization at the  client’s place of business to enhance communications, build  relationships and improve the overall value and effectiveness of my  services.

In Summary

For  small to medium sized businesses for which the cost of a full-time  patent counsel is prohibitive, or for larger businesses with specific  project-based needs, I offer clients the services of an experienced  in-house patent counsel on a part-time or as-needed basis at  cost-effective rates.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your company’s needs and how I might be able to provide assistance.