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Three criteria help to inform whether representation of your company by my law firm makes sense:  (1) activities of your company; (2) size of your company; and (3) current status of legal representation.


Activities:  If your company is engaged in the acquisition or development of proprietary technology, and if you don't already have the support of a patent professional, then the odds are good you need to think about whether your company could benefit from legal advice regarding patents.  If your company develops products for others on a work-for-hire basis, or is engaged in contract manufacturing activity, or if your business focuses on the manufacture of products designed elsewhere, then patents are likely less relevant to your company.

Size:  if your company is not large enough to justify the expense of employing a full-time in-house patent counsel, then the part-time in-house patent counsel services I offer as an independent attorney may make sense for your company.  Alternatively, even if your company has full-time patent counsel, I am available to provide project-specific support on an as-needed basis.  

Current legal representation:  if your company currently has in-house patent counsel, or if your company has external patent counsel who is already deeply involved in ensuring your company’s patent activities are aligned with your company’s broader business strategies, then my ability to add value to your company is likely limited to performing support for specific projects.