Cascade Mountain, Banff, Canada


1.  Timeliness


 In  the business world, time matters.  Your business has to respond to your  customers’ demands in a focused and disciplined way every day.  From my  experience as an in-house patent counsel, I understand the time  pressures your business is under.  Moreover, in the patent world in  particular, time matters.  Failure to properly manage patent filing  activities can lead to irreversible loss of rights. 

2.  Customer value

It  is important to understand that even when the process is well-managed,  investing in patents is a gamble.  Many factors have to align for the  end result to be an intellectual property portfolio having meaningful  value.  Your company is (or perhaps should be) making investments in  intellectual property to ultimately, over time and in the aggregate,  make money.  Given the difficulty and uncertainly in building a patent  portfolio, it is important to manage both the process and the costs  intelligently.

My business is characterized by low overhead.  I  work out of my home, and don’t have to pay for (or charge my clients  for) expensive office space.  I am the only employee of my business.  I  have chosen to focus the services I provide on higher value-added  activities that are best performed by a patent attorney having extensive  in-house experience.  I do not perform services that might be performed  in a more cost effective way by a less experienced attorney, or a  paralegal or administrative personnel.  And I do not perform services  that require expensive information technology software and hardware  infrastructure.

3.  Practical, business-oriented advice

Having  worked as in-house patent counsel for two global companies, I  appreciate that clients are looking for practical, business-oriented  advice.  I strive to communicate clearly and honestly with clients, with  the client's best interests the top priority. ​


4.  Face-to-face communication

The  ultimate value of your company’s intellectual property is likely to be  influenced by the clarity and vision of the strategic thinking behind  its creation and development.  If that strategic vision fails to make  its way to your patent activities, then the odds that the potential  value of your patents will be realized are significantly diminished.

Ensuring  there is alignment between your overall business strategies and your  patent portfolio requires planning, communicating and attention to  detail.  The planning part of that requires both a thorough  understanding of your business and a thorough understanding of patent  law.  Understanding of your business and encouraging proper  communication is greatly facilitated, I believe, by face-to-face  interaction.  

5.  Quality


Intellectual  property law generally, and patent law specifically, can be arcane,  abstract and complicated.  I have over fifteen years of experience in  intellectual property law, with over a decade of that in an in-house  counsel role.  I have the right experience to provide high quality  services to your business.