Thomas Jefferson was the first administrator of the US patent system


Before an attorney-client relationship may be established, it is necessary that I perform a review to ensure there are no conflicts of interest in my representation of your company.  Furthermore, before undertaking representation, it is necessary that your company and I agree on the scope along with the terms and conditions of the engagement.  In short, to get started, the following process is followed:

1.  Your company contacts me by email or phone expressing interest in my services.  Please do not share any confidential information with me at this point, prior to an attorney-client relationship having been established.

2.  I will acknowledge your inquiry, and, as necessary obtain any additional information needed for a determination of my ability to represent your company, in view of geographical restrictions and potential conflicts of interest.


3.  If I am able to represent your company, and if you are a new client, then we will discuss in person or by phone the details of the potential engagement.  With that understanding, if it appears an engagement would be mutually beneficial, I will prepare an engagement agreement.


4.  Once the engagement agreement is agreed to and executed by both parties, work can begin.


5.  For an initial engagement, I will require an up-front retainer.  As our relationship matures, the need for a retainer can potentially be eliminated.